Adding Pages to a Document

You can add pages of several types to any original document. This allows you to create professional quality document sets from otherwise disorganized and/or incomplete originals.

Types of added pages can include:

Paper trays must be loaded and programmed with the appropriate stocks

The key to successful page insertion is having the paper trays correctly programmed with machine-compatible stocks. See Configuring Paper Stocks and Tray Settings for details.


Basic workflow to insert pages into a document

(The following example procedure applies to both copy and print jobs)

Here's an example of how to program a copy job that includes inserts, exception pages, and covers. The steps to program a print job are very similar. The output will be a multi- page, 8.5 x 11 inch document, with Exception Pages (one-sided output) on the 2nd and 3rd pages. In addition, there will be a one-page insert after the 3rd and 6th pages. Finishing includes front and back covers with a staple in the top left corner.

  1. If a copy job, place the original 2-sided (over 10 pages) document in the Document Feeder.
  2. Verify that the paper supply trays are properly loaded and programmed with the appropriate paper stocks. If they are not, and you need more information, see Configuring Paper Stocks and Tray Settings.
  3. From the Job Manager, set base job properties, such as 2-sided, paper stock, stapling, etc.
  4. Select the Special Pages tab.
  5. Select the Exception Pages icon. Program From 2 to 3. Select stock size. Program these pages for one-sided output. Select Add Exceptions.
  6. Close Job Exception window.
  7. Select the Inserts icon.
  8. Program the first insert for After page 3, Insert 1 Pages. Program the paper type, size, etc. Select Add Inserts.
  9. Program the second insert for After page 6, Insert 1 Pages. Program the paper type, size, etc. Select Add Insert.
  10. Close Inserts window.
  11. Select Front Cover icon.
  12. Program the cover to be printed on the outside only. Select the cover stock from the tray you loaded with cover stock. Select Add Cover.
  13. Select Back Cover icon.
  14. Select None from the pull down menu. Select the cover stock from the tray you loaded. Select Add Cover.
  15. When satisfied with your settings, click <Copy, Scan or Print>.

System Level (Administrative) Added Pages

The Xerox Nuvera can be configured to include Administrative information in each Job output.

For more information about these types of pages, see Adding System Level Pages.