Reducing or Enlarging Images

When in Copy mode, use the Reduce/Enlarge controls located on the Basic tab. Using these controls, you could for example, copy an original image on an 11 by 17 inch sheet, and shrink it to fit on a standard 8.5 by 11 inch sheet. Controlling output size is useful if you need to archive hardcopy in a certain stock size, but original documents vary in size.

To reduce or enlarge the image

  1. Determine what size your output image will be copied to. Make the appropriate choice in the Reduce/Enlarge drop down menu, located on the Copy Basic tab.
  2. Press <Copy>.

NOTE: It is also possible to enter custom size values in the Reduce/Enlarge dialog. Click on the User Specified or Independent X-Y menu choices.

Entering a custom reduction/enlargement value

If none of the preset reduction/enlargement values are acceptable, enter your own value.

  1. Select User Specified or Independent X-Y from the Reduce/Enlarge drop down menu.
  2. Enter the value of reduction or enlargement. Entering 100% will yield no change to the image size. Entering a value over 100% will enlarge the image. Entering a value under 100% will reduce the image.