Contacting Xerox

Before contacting Xerox for a service problem, perform the following steps:

Service Code / Serial Number Locations

If you have received a message directing you to call for service:

  1. Write down the service code that appears in the user interface.
  2. Write down the machine serial number. There are several serial numbers. Record the one that corresponds with the area that needs service. Serial number locations are:

prInteract, Xerox Remote Services

prInteract, Xerox Remote Services, provides an integrated approach to supporting your machine. Through a secure, on-line connection with your machine we can better understand your production needs and environment, which enables us to:

To read more about prInteract, Xerox Remote Services, go to the Remote Services link on the Home Page.

To submit system data:

  1. At the Xerox Nuvera user interface, click [System: Call for Assistance]. The Call for Assistance dialog window appears.
  2. In the Call for Assistance dialog, click [Options: Submit data]. If your machine is not network enabled, choose Save Data. This will prompt the system to direct the data to the on-board CD drive, click <Close>.

Telephone numbers and World Wide Web address

Customer Technical Support Center:


Supplies Hotline (United States):

Xerox Parts: 1-800-828-5881

Xerox Supplies: 1-800-822-2200

Xerox CRUs: 1-800-822-2979

Supplies Hotline (Xerox Canada):

Xerox Canada Support Hotline : 1-800-939-3769

Xerox Canada Supplies: 1-800-668-0199


Xerox Parts Ordering


Contact your Xerox representative for Support and Supplies in all other countries.

CRU/Maintenance/Consumables part names and numbers

Part Name

Part Number

EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Dry Ink

6R1261 - North America

6R90357 - Europe

Dry Ink Waste Bottle


Developer Waste Bottle


MFF 2/3 Hole Puncher


MFF 2/4 Hole Puncher


MFF Main Stapler Cartridge (100 sheet capacity)


MFF Main Stapler Cartridge Refill (100 sheet capacity)


MFF Main Stapler Cartridge (50 sheet capacity)


MFF Main Stapler Cartridge Refill (50 sheet capacity)


MFF Booklet Stapler Cartridge


BFM & BFM+ Stapler Cartridges (3 - 100 sheet staples)


BFM & BFM + Stapler Cartridges (3 - 30 sheet staples)


Xerox Glass, Lens and Mirror Cleaner


Xerox Lint-free Cleaning Cloths