Printing an Image That Extends to the Edge of the Page

Occasionally, you may need to print a document whose image extends beyond the edge of the page. A document with a shaded background covering the entire page is a good example. Printing this type of image is called a "bleed". The ability to print full bleed (edge-to-edge) used to be only available through the use of offset printers. The Xerox Nuvera platform is not a print to edge system due to potential image quality defects on the edge of the page. The system default is set for a 3 mm border erase. It can be set to 0 mm, but it is subject to image quality limitations which may be acceptable on some applications.


NOTE: If you are using Edge-to-edge printing and your originals have dark or solid edges, you may want to disable Electronic Hole Removal. If Electronic Hole Removal is enabled while Edge-to-edge printing and your originals have dark or solid edges, there is a possibility that your output will have unwanted markings along the dark or solid edge. For more information on using Electronic Hole Removal, see Removing Drill Holes From Output.

Edge-to-edge printing workflow starts at client desktop / driver, and ends at the Xerox Nuvera

There are three elements that work together to enable edge to edge printing:


NOTE: See How to print from the desktop for more details on client drivers.

Workflow to enable a "full-bleed" print job:

  1. At the Xerox Nuvera, click [Printer:Switches]. Place a checkmark in the Edge Treatment Off box. The Edge Treatment must be off before sending the print job. Ask your System Administrator to verify the system is configured in this way.
  2. Create a document in a desktop application (Word, PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.) that includes marking/data all the way to the edge of the page area.
  3. In the client desktop application, select [File: Print]. The client driver window appears.
  4. Click the Image Options tab. Click the Margins button. Refer to the client driver's online help for details about setting selections.
  5. When done with the settings, click <OK> to send the document to the Xerox Nuvera.
  6. At the Xerox Nuvera, go to Job Manager.
  7. Find the job you just submitted. Double-click it. The Job Properties window appears.
  8. When satisfied with your settings, click <OK>.
  9. The document will be printed, and the marking extending to the edge of the output page will be visible.