Printing/Copying on Tabbed and Ordered Stock

Because of the special procedures required to use tabs, take time to review this section before attempting to use tabs with the Xerox Nuvera.


NOTE: For information on loading tabbed stock in the Sheet Feed Module, see Using the Feed Module Tab Guides. You must have the Tabs Guide installed in the feed tray that contains the tabbed stock.


NOTE: Precut tabs can only print 1-sided. Full cut tabs can print on both sides, either simplex or duplex.

To print or copy on tabbed stock

For systems with a MultiFunction Finisher (MFF)

For systems with a FTM/DS5000 or BFM type finishers


NOTE: If you are printing a job with preprinted tabs, program the job using Exception Pages/inserts. For more information on printing with preprinted tabs, refer to Adding Pages to your Document. For information on printing with preprinted tabs on a MultiFunction Finisher Pro Plus, refer to MultiFunction Finisher Specifications.

To set up and use ordered stock

Ordered stock is paper with multiple pieces, such as a carbonless form, multi-part colored stocks, etc., which need to be kept in a certain sequence.

Load tray with ordered stock

  1. Click the Printer Manager button.
  2. Double-click or right-click a fully adjustable tray row. A Tray Properties window appears.
  3. Enter all choices pertaining to the stock you wish to load into the tray.
  4. In the Type pulldown menu, choose Ordered Stock from the list of stock types.
  5. Enter any descriptive name for the ordered stock (ex., "Carbonless" or "5-part Color") in the Type text box (the cursor should have automatically placed itself there.). This information will appear in the Type column of the Trays tab.
  6. In the Sequence section, enter a number. This coincides with the number of parts in your ordered stock. For example, if want to load a 3 part carbonless paper stock, enter 3 in the Sequence text box.
  7. Open the fully adjustable tray you just configured, as identified in the Tray Type column of the Paper Trays tab.
  8. Load ordered stock that matches the settings you made in the Tray Properties window. For information on proper loading, see Recommendations for Paper Usage.
  9. Click <OK> or <Apply>.

Submit job and choose ordered stock

With a tray properly loaded and configured with loaded stock, you are ready to submit a job which uses ordered stock.

  1. Initiate a print or copy job. For example, on a copy job, select Loaded Stock from the Paper Stock menu on the Basic tab.
  2. A list of loaded stock types appears. Choose the ordered stock you previously configured and loaded.
  3. Make any other programming choices.
  4. When satisfied with your settings, click <Copy or Print >.

NOTE: When using tabbed or ordered stocks the system may instruct you to reorder the stock in the tray to the first position if events such as a multifeed occur. Any time a tray containing ordered stock is cycled, the system assumes that the stock in the tray has been reset to the first position.

More on loading tabbed stock and other special papers

Load stock in the orientation indicated on the feed tray labels.

For more information, see Loading Special Stock For Proper Finishing Output.