Setting Imposition Options

Impositions, or Printer Spreads, are a way to arrange page data out of order, so that when printed, it will be in the correct order when folded, bound or otherwise finished.

For more information, see About Impositions.

To set imposition options

  1. Select the Job Manager button, then select your imposition print job and right click to select Properties
  2. For systems with a scanner, place originals in the document handler.
  3. In the Properties window, click the Output tab, then the Layout button.
  4. Click the Layout Style drop down menu. A list of imposition types appears.

Imposition types:


    NOTE: Depending on the type of job you are working on -- print or copy -- you may see different imposition type choices.


  1. When satisfied with your settings, click <OK>.
  2. Make any other job programming choices and, depending on your system, click <Copy, Scan or Print >.

TIP: To become familiar with both print and copy impositions, refer to the Xerox Nuvera online help.