Adding Pages to your Document with the SFM Insertion Module

The SFM Insertion Module is either a 2-Tray or 4-Tray Sheet Feed Module used as an inserter. Use the SFM Insertion Module to add covers, inserts, or slip sheets to your documents. The SFM Insertion Module fits between the print engine (or, if applicable to your configuration, the Sheet Enhancement Module) and the finishing device.


NOTE: To learn how to insert covers, preprinted tabs or colored paper into your job using the Insertion Module on the MultiFunction Finisher (MFF) Pro Plus, refer to MultiFunction Finisher Specifications.

The addition of the SFM Insertion Module does not affect production speeds since covers and inserts are merged into the paper path after marking takes place, without requiring a gap in the pitch. For more information, see a description of pitch.

To Add Sheets with the SFM Insertion Module

Pick a stock that is loaded in the SFM Insertion Module, and program that on a blank insert sheet or cover (through the Special Pages dialog).

The system should feed blank sheets from the SFM Insertion Module whenever possible.


NOTE: Page insertion with the SFM Insertion Module may not occur when there is a blank page in the actual document. The system software does not detect blank pages embedded in documents, and will not trigger page insertion.

Alternatively, both of the SFM Insertion Module feed bins can be loaded with the same stock, allowing continuous uninterrupted production insertion of pre-printed stocks and the addition of photographs and other sensitive documents that normally could be damaged by heat from the fuser section of the printer.