Problem Solving

The Xerox Nuvera is designed to allow the user to easily correct any problem that may arise. Click the links at the left for details on correcting system problems. Contact your System Administrator if these topics do not help you solve the problem.

Fault Messages

Messages are displayed in the Message window on the UI revealing a status or fault that requires action. An icon is also displayed by the machine mimic indicating that there may be a problem requiring action.

Attention Light

The Attention Light located on top of the Control Console alerts you that the system requires attention.

A blinking light indicates that production has been interrupted and the system requires attention. Follow the fault message instructions.

A steady light indicates a functional capability problem. Follow the fault message instructions.

You can turn the Attention Light on or off by selecting Printer: Attention Light to display the Attention Alerts window. Make the Attention Light settings.

The status of the Attention Light can be determined by selecting Printer and looking for Attention Light On or Attention Light Off.