Using Background Forms

Background Forms can be included with print jobs. A Background Form is a single page TIFF, preprinted insert on which a print job is overlaid.You can merge a specified background form with the foreground job's variable data via job submission settings. Using Background Forms saves processing time.


NOTE: Exception pages and cover pages that contain job data are merged and printed with background forms. System generated pages including, banner pages, blank cover pages/page inserts/exceptions pages and error pages, do not contain job data and are not, therefore merged and printed with the background form.

Creating a Background Form

If you are using Copy to create a background form (the copying feature is not available on the Xerox Nuvera 288 Digital Perfecting System):

  1. Select Copy Manager.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Enter a Job Name.
  4. Under [Destination]: select [Save as Background Form].
  5. Select a save location. The default directory for background forms is: /opt/XRXnps/Resources/bf.

To print a job using a background form.

  1. Select Job Manager and select a job.
  2. Double click on the job to open the Job Properties window.
  3. Select the Image Edit tab and select the [Background Form] button.
  4. Select Use Background Form checkbox.
  5. Select the background form you want to use from the Browse button.
  6. Select from one of the following Apply Form Pages:
    Throughout Job: the background form cycles through job pages repeatedly.
    Once: the background form cycles through job pages once.
    Once, Then Repeat: the background form cycles through the job once and then cycles repeatedly only from the entered From Page location onward.
  7. Enter horizontal and vertical Displacement values: entered values shift the background form prior to merging with the document. The alignment values are determined from the lower left hand corner of the page, independent of the orientation of the page.
  8. Select <OK>.

NOTE: If the background form image is larger than the output media, the system prints as much of the image as can fit on the media.


NOTE: If the background form image resolution differs from the resolution of the job, the printer scales the background form image data to match the resolution of the job prior to merging.


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