About this Site

There are several features in this online user guide that you should be familiar with in order to quickly gain knowledge about the Xerox Nuvera.

Most important is that you be aware of the symbols and type conventions used in this site to draw your attention to crucial information. These are used to help ensure your physical safety and proper operation of the machine.

This site is designed to support popular modern browsers. If you have problems viewing this site, or have an older version of a browser, consult the supported browsers page for more information.

Ways to distribute this information electronically

Since this Electronic Customer documentation (ECD) is HTML-based, it can be viewed through a modern browser. The ECD files can be accessed:

To place this ECD on a local drive or intranet web server, follow these basic steps:

  1. Copy the "ecd_source_code" directory.
  2. Paste the directory on a designated hard drive; either local or on a server.
  3. To launch the ECD, set the default page as "home.htm". Contact your System Administrator if you need assistance configuring this system on a local or intranet server drive.

Printing topics

Though the UGTA is designed to be an online guide, you can print topics as needed.


To print the entire guide or a range of pages

Select and open the following PDF of the UGTA. Select the Bookmarks tab to view all of the topics within the guide. Select [File: Print] or the Print icon in your browser's toolbar. From the Print window, locate the page range area and select All to print the entire guide or enter a range of pages in the From and To fields. Select <OK> to print.

PDFXerox Nuvera User Guide and Training Aid


To print the page you are currently viewing

To print only the page you are currently viewing, simply select [File: Print] or the Print icon in your browser's toolbar. From the Print window, select <Print>.

TIP: By default, your browser may include its own header and footer information (such as number of pages, file path, date, etc.) on the printed page. To remove this:

  1. Click [File: Page Setup].
  2. In the Headers and Footers field, clear both of the text boxes.
  3. Click <OK>.

Flash and Video components

The Flash components are not printable. Neither are the videos. However, should you find yourself unable to remember what a particular button is for while standing at the machine, you can consult the online help for assistance.