Print Engine Specifications

Before making prints with the Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System, take the time to learn about its capabilities and capacities.

Fuser Temperature

180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius) when printing.


Benchmark registration system holds image to sheet alignment at +/- .65mm per side and front-to-back on Letter/A4 size papers; +/- .75 mm per side and front-to-back on Tabloid/A3 size papers.

Printer Resolution

4800 x 600 dpi

RIP (Raster Image Processor) Resolutions

The processor can process images for printing (RIP) at the following resolutions:

600x600 dpi - The 600 dpi option provides faster performance when processing and saves files that are smaller in size

1200x600 dpi

1200x1200 dpi - 1200 dpi is the system default

Print Quality (halftone screens)

The base configuration (without the Enhanced Line Screen license enabled) supports only a 125 lines per inch (lpi) halftone screen. With the Enhanced Line Screen license enabled, the system supports 85, 106, 125, 134, and 156 lpi halftone screens.

Print Engine Type

Xerographic monochrome (black and white) only.

Printer Speed

The Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System can be licensed to support either a 100, 120 or 144 ppm print speed. For systems with a MultiFunction Finisher, only 100 and 120 are available.

Xerox Nuvera System

Pages Per Minute (ppm)

Images Per Minute (ipm)

Xerox Nuvera 100 EA Digital Production System

100 ppm simplex

50 ppm duplex

100 ipm simplex

100 ipm duplex

Xerox Nuvera 120 EA Digital Production System

120 ppm simplex

60 ppm duplex

120 ipm simplex

120 ipm duplex

Xerox Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System

144 ppm simplex

72 ppm duplex

144 ipm simplex

144 ipm duplex


Variable Pitch Xerographics for maximum throughput

The Xerox Nuvera is equipped with a variable pitch Xerographic belt. Pitch refers to the number of page images that can be placed on the belt, which are then transferred to the paper. For details on how page image size impacts belt pitch, which in turn impacts overall throughput, see About Pitch.

Dry Ink (Toner)

For the Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System, EA dry ink only

Paper Sizes Supported

Minimum size: A5 / 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches (140 mm x 216 mm)

Maximum size: 12.2 inches x 18.5 inches (320 mm x 470 mm)

For details on papers supported, see:

Supported Paper

Recommendations for Paper Usage

Expected Paper Handling and Copy Performance

Machine Warm-up Times

From cold start (ex: first thing in the morning): 4.5 to 7 minutes

From power saver mode: 3.5 minutes

From system restart: 4 to 5 minutes

Controller Capabilities

All of the Xerox Nuvera systems are driven by one DocuSP Controller. For more detail on system information, select [Setup: System Configuration] from the DocuSP menu bar.

Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System

For details on printing from a client, see Printing from your PC.