MultiFunction Finisher (MFF) Specifications

The MultiFunction Finisher offers a basic publishing option on the Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System. It is the only finisher in the configuration and can not be followed by any other finishing devices. It provides stacking and stapling capabilities as well as the ability to make booklets and trifold documents.

There are two MFF models available: Professional and Pro Plus.

The MFF Professional Model

MFF Stapling

Portrait, Landscape and Dual stapling is available for all media types, except Tabs and Transparencies. Stapling is offered for mixed sized sets if the length of the feed edge is the same size for all sheets.

For details and specifications on the staplers, see Stapler Specifications.

MFF Capacities

The Xerox Nuvera MultiFunction Finisher (MFF) adds the finishing touches to your job by collating and stapling your output. The MFF Professional can be used to make folded and stapled booklets and various folding options; Folded-Only Booklets, Tri-Fold C-Configuration and Z-Configuration folded documents.

Top Tray

Output to the Top Tray is delivered with Side-1 down and sets are not offset. The Top Tray can hold up to 250 sheets of 20 lb. (75-80 gsm) or equivalent paper. It can be set as a destination tray for non-stapled jobs. Copies that are less than 6.7 inches long in feed direction or 8 inches in the cross-feed direction will go to the Top Tray rather than the Main Tray. The Top Tray also receives sheets that are purged from the system when using the Main Tray or the Bottom Tray.

Main Tray

The Main Tray is the output tray for receiving compiled stapled and unstapled sets as well as single sheets. Output is delivered with Side-1 down and sets are offset. It can staple up to 100 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 LEF, and 8.5 x 14 inch or B4 SEF of 20 lb. (75-80 gsm). It also can staple up to 50 sheets for paper sizes over 8.5 x 14 inch or B4 SEF of 20 lb. (75-80 gsm). Portrait, landscape, and dual position stapling are available.

"Stack Limit" allows you to set the Main Tray to the size of the stack from 200 to 2500 sheets. Once the set stack limit is achieved, the system will cycle down and display an Empty Main Tray message. The default setting is 2500 sheets.

Bottom (Booklet) Tray

The Bottom Tray is the output tray for receiving compiled stapled and unstapled booklets. It can receive up to 20 booklets of 15 sheets maximum of 8.5 x 11 inch or A4, 8.5 x 14 inch or Foolscap, and 11 x 17 inch or A3 20 lb. (75-80 gsm) or equivalent thickness with the Bottom Tray Stop in the up position. It also can receive Folded-Only Booklet up to 5 folded sheets per set of 8.5 x 11 inch or A4, 8.5 x 14 inch or Foolscap, and 11 x 17 inch or A3 or equivalent thickness with the Bottom Tray Stop in the up position. It can receive Tri-Fold C-Configuration and Tri-Fold Z-Configuration of single sheets only of 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 SEF.

When using the MFF for folded output, the Banner Sheets that separate your print jobs from one another will come out folded on the long axis of 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 paper, allowing the customer to see separation easier.

Booklet Making

The Booklet Maker on the Professional Finisher produces Booklets ( Folded Only and Folded and Stapled ) and Letter Tri-Fold (C- and Z-Configuration).

All Booklet and Tri-Fold jobs must use SEF oriented paper supply.

The Booklet Maker can fold 1-5* sheets or fold and staple 2-15* sheets of the following papers:

Paper Size



Inch (WxL)

mm (WxL)


























*Booklet Maker: 15 sheets or less of 80 gsm (20 lbs) or equivalent thickness, e.g., 12 sheets of 80 gsm (20 lbs) with one cover of 200 gsm.

Fold: 5 sheets or less of 80 gsm (20 lbs) or equivalent thickness.

Tri-Folding enables bulk mailing applications and ease of fit into standard U.S. #10 business size and DL (A4) size envelopes.

Special materials such as transparencies, drawing film, labels, and coated stocks are not compatible with the Booklet Maker.

Finished jobs are delivered to the Bottom Tray with side 1 down. If you use Banner Sheets, they will be folded LEF orientation to separate jobs in the tray.

Folding Options (single sheets only)

Finisher Pause Button

Removing output while the Finisher is running may produce sets that are incorrectly stapled. The Finisher Pause Button delays processing to allow you to remove finished sets from the main tray without disturbing sets in progress.

The Finisher Pause Button is located near the right front corner of the top cover. When selected, it affects the operation of the Main Tray only.

To activate the Finisher Pause feature

  1. Press the Pause Button.
  2. Wait for the tray to lower.
  3. Unload the tray.
  4. Press the Pause Button again to continue subsequent processing.

NOTE:The finisher will pause after producing between 80 to 100 sets of thin sets (2-15 sheets). This allows you to unload the finisher. It automatically resumes printing after a lapse of 1 minute.



The MFF Pro Plus Model

The Pro Plus model includes all of the same functionality as the MFF Professional but adds the ability to insert preprinted stock into the job and provide 2/3 or 2/4 hole punch finishing.

Multiple finishing options, such as simultaneously stapling and hole punching a job, can be selected from the same Finishing area on DocuSP.


To Insert Preprinted Sheets

To insert covers, preprinted tabs or colored paper into your job, follow these steps:

  1. From the DocuSP interface, select Printer Manager.
  2. Select the Paper Trays tab.
  3. Select the paper tray (for example, Tray 5 Insertion Tray or Finisher A, Tray 1) and right click on the tray.
  4. Select [Properties]. To use a particular stock type for the tray or change other properties, select those attributes to match what will be loaded in the Insertion Tray.
  5. Select <OK>.
  6. At the MFF Insertion Tray, adjust the guides for the paper size and load paper in the Insertion Tray with text face up and according to the label. Load tabbed stock with tabs leading.
  7. Select Job Manager and open your job.
  8. Select [Special Pages].
  9. Select [Inserts] and define the insertion page range for the job.
  10. Print the job.

To Hole Punch Jobs

Do not use this feature on labels, transparencies, envelopes, or synthetic paper.

Paper Specifications for the Hole Punch Module





171-321mm (6.74-12.63 in) width

148-457mm (5.83-17.99 in) length

56-200 gsm


232-321mm (9.14-12.63 in) width

148-457mm (5.83-17.99 in) length

56-200 gsm


255-321mm (10.04-12.63 in) width

148-457mm (5.83-17.99 in) length

56-200 gsm


  1. Select Job Manager or Copy and open the job.
  2. Select the Output tab and the Stapling/ Finishing FAB.
  3. From the Stapling/Finishing pull down menu, select the type of hole punch finishing, staple finishing, or both (multiple finishing) to apply.
  4. Select <OK>
  5. Print the job. Hole punch finishing output is sent to the Top Tray or the Main Tray.

Tray Capacities

Insertion Tray

The MFF Insertion Tray specifications are:

For more information about loading special stock such as tabs, refer to Loading Special Stock for Proper Finishing Output