Keyboard, Mouse & Display Specifications

The User Interface (UI) provides the means for the user (operator) to interact with a printer, copier, or multi-functional device. Architecturally, the UI is a client of services within the printer, copier, or multi-function device.

The user interface consists of the controls by which a user issues commands to a device or system, and the displays by which the device or system informs the user of the current state, its functions, and its processes.

The UI will also provide a graphic display for messages, information, instructions, menus and machine diagram (mimic).

Keyboard Specifications


Navigating the user interface using only the keyboard

The Xerox Nuvera user interface, in addition to being navigable with the USB mouse, can also be navigated through the keyboard.

Some examples of why the user interface is keyboard-accessible:

For information on keyboard accessibility, see Special Navigation / Activation Keyboard Shortcuts.

Mouse Specifications

USB track ball or Optical mouse.

Display (Monitor) Specifications

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768



Screen Size

15 inches

Dot Pitch


Refresh Rate