Sheet Feed Modules (SFM)

The Xerox Nuvera can be configured with up to two Sheet Feed Modules. They include a 4-Tray Feed Module that can be installed with an optional Integrated Scanner and an optional large format, high capacity 2-Tray Feed Module.

The Xerox Nuvera can have any combination of the 4-tray or 2-tray Feed Modules installed up to a total of two modules. If the 4-tray Feed Module has a scanner, it should be installed closest to the Print Engine.

The 4-Tray Feed Module, without a scanner, or the 2-tray Feed Module can also be installed as a post-fuser Insertion Module.


NOTE: You can configure your Xerox Nuvera with a 3-tray Sheet Feed Module also. However, if your system includes a Roll Feeder, a 3-tray Sheet Feeder Module must be installed.

4-Tray SFM Capabilities and Capacities


NOTE: Some of the sizes shown below are the actual range of tray guide adjustment, rather than a nominal paper type. For example, 8.5 x 11 inches is a paper type and 5.5 x 8.27 inches is the range of tray adjustment.

2-Tray SFM Capabilities and Capacities

Both trays have the same specifications.

For more information on supported papers, see Recommendations for Paper Usage.

3-Tray SFM Capabilities and Capacities

The 3-Tray Sheet Feed Module is an optional feeder that can be used with any other Feed Module combination. However, it is required to link to the Roll Feeder device if the Roll Feeder is added to the system. The paper and tray specifications are the same as the 4-Tray Feed Module only trays 3 and 4 are combined.


caution: possibility of damage to equipment if procedure not followed.

Paper trays do not lock and can be opened while paper is being fed from the tray, resulting in misfeeds and/or paper jams. Wait for the LED light on the tray to turn OFF before opening the tray.