Electrical and Environmental Specifications

The print engine, which includes the DocuSP Controller, requires:


50/60 hz


200 - 254 VAC


Dedicated 30 amps (Europe and Japan)

Dedicated 50 amps (US and Canada)

The outlets/circuits can not be shared with any other devices or equipment. Optional 50 amp Adapter Box and 30A Extension Box with appropriate circuit breakers are available.

Receptacle NEMA Part Number

14-30 R (NASG)

Temperature and Humidity

Recommended 50 degrees F to 87 degrees F (10 C to 30.6 C)

15% relative humidity (minimum) to 85% relative humidity (maximum)


Between 0 to 6000 ft (1828.8m) above sea level

Heat Emission

Approximately 2,470 BTU/hour (standby) and 18,738 BTU/hour (running)

Power Consumption

Approximately 0.658 kw maximum (standby) and 4.150 kw maximum (running). For information on power consumption, see Power Saver Mode.


Energy Star Logo

As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Xerox Corporation has determined that the Xerox Nuvera EA Digital Production System meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.

The Energy Star logo will display on the DocuSP user interface during power up and on the Call For Assistance screen for those configurations that meet the Energy Star guidelines.