Handling and Storing Paper

Follow these recommendations to get the best performance and reduce system downtime.

To store and handle paper

Damaged, curled, or damp paper can cause jams and image quality problems. Follow these guidelines to store paper:


NOTE: Paper stored in extremely humid conditions (i.e., left in a machine over an extended period of time) may have to be replaced with fresh stock in order to ensure optimal feeding and image quality.

Before you load paper

Before loading paper, unwrap the paper from the moisture resistant wrapping, discard the wrapper and insert the paper in the tray (see figure below for proper loading orientation). Fanning the paper edges is not required, but may be beneficial when using certain stocks in dry environments.

TIP: If you are loading any type of drilled paper, to aid in sheet separation and to prevent jams, it may be helpful to fan reams before loading them into the tray.

Load the paper in paper trays 1 - 4 "seam side" of the ream up. "Seam side" refers to the side of the unwrapped ream containing the seam.

For more information about proper handling of Xerox supplies, see Xerox Supplies Library.

wrapped ream of paper with seam-side up.