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Configure the Remote Services Email Notifications

Product support for: VersaLink B400, VersaLink B405

Article Id: 2024909.html | Published: 2021-07-06

You can use the Remote Services option in the Embedded Web Server to send error and usage information to the Xerox support team to help them resolve problems quickly.

You can set the printer to send an email alert when a Remote Services upload has occurred.

  1. In the Embedded Web Server, log in as administrator, then click System. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Click Remote Services Upload.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. In the Email Notifications area, select the events for notification.
  5. For Whom to notify?, type up to five email addresses to receive alerts.
  6. To test the communication, click Test Connection.
  7. Click OK.

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