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      • Date: Mar 21, 2012
      • Version: 1.0
      • Size: 8.5 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Xerox Secure Access USB Reader Xerox® D95/D110/D125 Plug-in

        This device plug-in enables support for the Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System® USB card reader configuration on the Xerox® D95/D110/D125 device. This file contains the device software plug-in.

        • Date: Oct 4, 2011
        • Version:
        • Size: 82.6 MB
        • Format: ZIP

        Xerox Secure Access v4.1.1 Build 3694

          Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System™ enables users to log-in to a Xerox MFP with a swipe of their existing student or employee ID card (Magnetic stripe or proximity). This gives users quick, easy and secure access to MFP functions that need to be tracked for accounting or regulatory requirements and to release secure print jobs. This latest version also supports Xerox MFP's enabled with Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) which provides enhanced features at the MFP user interface.
          Note: For more information about the benefits and features of Xerox Secure Access read the brochure in the "See Also" section below.

          Secure Access download is 82.6
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