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EFI Print Server Alert

Urgent: Do not upgrade EFI Servers with Windows 10
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      • Date: Dec 21, 2003
      • Version: 1
      • Size: 11.7 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      XPe System Update Version 1

        This system update patches the XPe Operating System to the latest version.
        Note: * Includes 1-H23O1 Patch. This patch consists of the following EFI patches 1-DSRD9, 1-G88R5, 1-G6ZLT. (See release notes for the specific Microsoft patches this security update addresses.)
        Caution: * System Update User Addendum states that the system will reboot automatically if the System Update is configured in manual mode. This is incorrect. Users much initiate the reboot. * If DNS is not configured on server, system updates cannot communicate with EFI database.

    • Critical Security Updates

        • Date: Apr 10, 2005
        • Version:
        • Size: 3 MB
        • Format: ZIP


          This Security Patches installs A Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (Service Pack 1) [MS04-040]

          • Date: Feb 14, 2005
          • Version:
          • Size: 10.3 MB
          • Format: ZIP


            This Security Update Addresses the following Microsoft Security Vulernerabilities:
            MS05-007, MS05-008, MS05-01, MS05-012, MS05-013, MS05-014, MS05-015.

            • Date: Jan 17, 2005
            • Version:
            • Size: 3.2 MB
            • Format: ZIP

            EFI-XPe-Security Updates for January 10 2005

              Contains patches for the following Microsoft Windows XPe alerts. MS05-001, MS05-002, MS05-003

              • Date: Dec 17, 2004
              • Version:
              • Size: 4.3 MB
              • Format: ZIP


                Contains patches for the Following Microsoft Security Alerts. MS04-041 MS04-043 MS04-044

                • Date: Oct 19, 2004
                • Version:
                • Size: 15.6 MB
                • Format: ZIP


                  The following Microsoft HotFixes will be installed by this patch.
                  * KB840987 [1-GH1KD]
                  * KB841356 [1-GH1KK]
                  * KB834707 [1-GH1KR]
                  * KB873376 [1-GH1KY]
                  * KB841533 [1-GH1L6]
                  * KB824151 [1-GH1LE]
                  Caution: Requires EFI Patch 1-FIFF9 to be installed. 1-FIFF9 is included as a optional install see release notes for more details.

                  • Date: Oct 1, 2004
                  • Version:
                  • Size: 14.6 MB
                  • Format: ZIP


                    Contains the following fixes, patches and improvements.
                    * Enable the XPe Desktop QFE Installer Tool v1.0 [1-FIFF9]
                    * Microsoft Security Patch MS04-014 [1-G6ZLT]
                    * Microsoft HotFix Q828741 [1-G88R5]
                    * KB841873 [1-FVWDL]
                    * KB867801 [1-FVWRH]
                    * KB870669 [1-FVWRO]
                    * KB839645 [1-FVWRU]
                    * KB840315 [1-FVWS6]
                    * KB840374 [1-VWSC]