2101 ST Digital Copier/Printer

2101 ST Digital Copier/Printer Asistencia y controladores

Nota: si su sistema operativo y/o idioma no aparecen en la lista, no tenemos información sobre la disponibilidad del controlador.
Nota: Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
  • Utilidades y aplicaciones

      • Fecha: jul 17, 2003
      • Versión:
      • Tamaño: 1,9 MB
      • Formato: ZIP

      Fiery Printer Delete Utility (FieryPrinterDeleteUtility.zip)

        Use this utility to completely delete printers before installing or re-installing drivers. See page 1-44 of the EFI “User Software Installation” Guide for additional information about this utility. The documentation may be found at this site under "User Documentation".
        Nota: Download this zip file to your desktop, unzip the file and double click on 'Setup.exe' to install. The utility is accessed by selecting 'Start -> Programs -> Fiery -> FieryPrinterDeleteUtility'. This is the same version that is found on the 'Xerox/Fiery EX2101 v2.0 USER S/W - EFIGS' CD (45035942).

    • Revisiones

        • Fecha: sep 29, 2005
        • Versión: 2.2
        • Tamaño: 5,9 MB
        • Formato: ZIP

        2.2 Composite Patch (1-K7MHA)

          Includes the following patches: 1-GJP11, 1-EYSPZ, 1-HY2OM, 1-I5DH9, 1-HPB8Q. Please see the ReadMe document for details.
          Nota: This patch may be installed even if some of the included patches have already been installed.

          • Fecha: jul 20, 2004
          • Versión: 2.1
          • Tamaño: 146,6 MB
          • Formato: ZIP

          EX2101 DFE Patch (Patch 1-E8PGL)

            Addresses problems with proper image size when printing onto 12x18 or SRA3 stock. Also allows printing jobs on non-standard stock fed from Trays 2, 3 or 4. Although the instructions are in English, the patch applies to all languages supported on the EX2101.
            Nota: The 1-E8PGL patch contains a 12x18 Image Area Improvement that is implemented through the patch and new client drivers that are not WHQL-certified. In order for the fix to work properly, you must follow the instructions in the relnotes.pdf and ReadMe file included in the zip file.
            Precaución: The drivers supplied in the 1-E8PGL patch DO NOT include the booklet features in the 1-DU8WY (v2.1) patch. Therefore, to use both the 12x18 Image Area and the Booklet Feature enhancements, two separate client PCs will have to be used.

        • Firmware

            Note: Resulta muy recomendable consultar a su administrador de redes o sistemas antes de realizar actualizaciones del software (firmware). Algunas actualizaciones pueden causar la falta de conformidad del equipo y posibles incompatibilidades con el entorno en el que está instalado.
        • Actualizaciones críticas de seguridad

            • Fecha: nov 1, 2005
            • Versión:
            • Tamaño: 13 MB
            • Formato: ZIP

            1-DSRD9 - MS Security Patch

              Please see the attached ReadMe file for the Security issues that are fixed with this patch.

              • Fecha: feb 18, 2005
              • Versión: 1.0
              • Tamaño: 11,7 MB
              • Formato: ZIP

              XPe System Update Software (1-H23O1)

                System Updates is a print server service that keeps the system software on your print server up-to-date with the latest Microsoft security updates.
                Nota: The prerequisite for System Updates functionality is to have patches 1-DSRD9, 1-G88R5, and 1-G6ZLT installed on the Fiery.

                • Fecha: dic 9, 2004
                • Versión:
                • Tamaño: 3,3 MB
                • Formato: ZIP

                MS04-012 Microsoft Hotfix (1-G88R5)

                  This patch is a standalone patch for the Fiery XPe products. It contains the following Microsoft Hotfixes: MS04-012
                  Nota: The 1-G88R5.zip file contains a Read_Me document and the patch file.

                  • Fecha: nov 1, 2004
                  • Versión:
                  • Tamaño: 2,1 MB
                  • Formato: ZIP

                  MS04-014 Microsoft Hotfix (1-G6ZLT)

                    This patch is a standalone patch for the Fiery XPe products. It contains the following Microsoft Hotfixes: MS04-014
                    Nota: The 1-G6ZLT.zip file contains a Read_Me document, EFI Release Notes, and the patch file.