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  • Firmware

      • Dato: jul 23, 2019
      • Version: v8
      • Størrelse: 1,3 MB
      • Størrelse: ZIP

      Card Reader Plug-ins v8

        Card Reader Plug-ins for VersaLink products, Phaser 6510, and WorkCentre 6515.
        Bemærk: The zip file contains the following: Convenience Authentication USB Card Reader Plugin - Generic_CardReader.jar 3.07 CCID Terminal Service USB Smart Card Reader Plugin - CCID_Terminal_Plugin_v0.9.5_sig.jar (Required for all Smart Card Use) .NET (only) Smart Card Reader Plugin - GemNetSmartCardService-1.0.18.jar CAC/PIV (non .NET) Smart Card Reader Plugin - CAC & PIV Smartcard Service Plugin_v0.9.2_sig.jar Overview and Installation Document - VersaLink_Card_Readers_v2.docx

        • Dato: apr 18, 2019
        • Version: 61.42.01
        • Størrelse: 391,5 MB
        • Størrelse: ZIP

        Xerox VersaLink C600/C500 Software General Release 61.42.01

          This file contains machine firmware and installation instructions. Unzip the download before attempting to install the firmware.