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      • Date: Sep 3, 2019
      • Version: 2.2h
      • Size: 73.1 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      User Analytics Data Communicator

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      Data Communicator is a software agent that is installed within the customers environment, typically on their print server It extracts the print tracking data from a customer AAA solution such as Equitrac, SafeCom, Safeq, Cirrato, NddPrint, Papercut *XPMMS does not require data communicator It runs a daily windows scheduled task which sends data to the customer dashboard at within the User Analytics Application
      Note: Requires valid Data Communicator user credentials on the User Analytics site issued by Xerox Limited.

      • Date: Mar 1, 2018
      • Version: 10.01
      • Size: 4.2 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Data Communicator PostGres ODBC Driver

        When Data Communicator is connected to a YSoft SafeQ data source