Phaser 8860MFP

Phaser 8860MFP Asistencia y controladores

Plataformas admitidas Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Idiomas disponibles Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English (Global), English (N. America), French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Descarga del archivo: Phaser 8860MFP Scan Driver - 32-bit / USB

Phaser 8860MFP Scan Driver - 32-bit / USB version. This driver is a beta release and is not Microsoft WHQL certified.
This driver uses the Add Scanner Wizard to install the TWAIN or WIA drivers amd Xerox Scan Utility.
This driver supports USB connections only, no network support.

Nota: Please un-install the XSU prior to installing a new version. If the XSU appears in the Add / Remove programs on your PC, remove the program from that location. Otherwise, delete the scanner from the Scanners and Cameras control panel.

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