DocuColor Office 6

DocuColor Office 6 Support & Drivers

Note: If there are no results for your Operating Systemand/or Language, please check the compatibility documents to identify if your drivers are planned for delivery.

>Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X

Note: Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
  • Drivers

      • Date: Jun 11, 2001
      • Version: 1.0
      • Size: 51.7 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      DocuColor Office 6 Print Drive

      • PPD
      Windows 2000 print driver and PPD (PostScript Printer Description) for DocuColor Office 6. These drivers are provided "AS IS"
      Note: No Windows XP driver currently avalable. Xerox recommends using the Windows 2000 driver as a workaround.

  • Patches

      • Date: Nov 3, 2004
      • Version: 1.1
      • Size: 370.3 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      The DocuColor Office 6 Stuck in Rebooting Loop After Receiving NCP 97 Reply Packet

        The DocuColor Office 6 Will get Stuck in a Rebooting Loop After Receiving Novell Connecting Points (NCP) 97 Reply Packet From Novell Server With the Signature Requested Bit set to 1. The patch will allow the Fiery Server to connect to Novell servers with the packet signature level set to 2.
        Note: Readme.Doc Installation Instructions included with patch download.

        • Date: Oct 22, 1998
        • Version: 1.1
        • Size: 258.5 KB
        • Format: ZIP

        DocuColor Office 6 NDS Lockup Patch

          DocuColor Office 6 Locks up When an NDS Tree Which has one Container Which Contains Over 256 Print Server. This patch increases the number of print servers allowed in any one container of an NDS tree.
          Note: relnotes.txt Installation Notes included