DocuColor 40 Pro with Fiery X40

DocuColor 40 Pro with Fiery X40 Support & Drivers

Note: If there are no results for your Operating Systemand/or Language, please check the compatibility documents to identify if your drivers are planned for delivery.

>Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X

  • Drivers

      • Date: Jun 11, 2001
      • Version: 1.0
      • Size: 16.9 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Fiery X40 Print Driver

      • PPD
      Windows 2000 Print Driver and PPD (PostScript Printer Description) for Fiery X40.
      Note: Installed using Add Printer. Windows XP driver is currently under development. Until the driver is avalable Xerox recommends using the Windows 2000 driver as a workaround.

  • Patches

      • Date: Oct 1, 2000
      • Version: X40 1.0
      • Size: 241.7 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Problem selecting resolution for FACI Monitor (Patch 1-1LJG9)

        Not possible to select resolution higher than standard VGA on FACI enabled unit.
        Note: Release Notes txt file inculded in zip file. Please read "Relnotes.txt" file for important notes when using this patch file and for correct installation of the patch

    • Critical Security Updates

        • Date: Feb 10, 2004
        • Version:
        • Size: 402.4 MB
        • Format: ZIP

        Microsoft Security Critical Updates ( Patch # 1-ANKZ9 )

          Microsoft Security Critical Hot Fix Updates for EX12 v2.0, X12 v1.5, XP12 v1.1 SP1 & X40 v1.0
          Note: EFI has implemented a new NT Service Pack 6a (1-ANKZ9) operating system from a “closed” system to an “open” system for FACI (Fiery Advanced Controller Interface) units only. An “open” system will allow a customer to go directly to Microsoft Support web site and download Critical Security Hot Fixes. A Fiery with a FACI will no longer need to depend on EFI for Microsoft Critical Security Hot Fixes.
          Caution: Fiery units without FACI will continue to receive Security Hot Fixes from EFI in postscript downloadable format. EFI will ONLY support Microsoft downloads of the Critical Security Hot Fixes. Not recommended for Dial-up connections. 56K connection will take approximately 2 hours