DocuColor 2240

DocuColor 2240 Support & Drivers

Note: If there are no results for your Operating Systemand/or Language, please check the compatibility documents to identify if your drivers are planned for delivery.

>Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X

Note: Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
  • Drivers

      • Date: Sep 12, 2007
      • Version:
      • Size: 982.7 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      DC1632/2240 Windows PostScript Print Driver

      • PostScript
      This PostScript driver supports Winows: XP / 2000/ 2003 / Vista
      See Also

      • Date: Mar 19, 2004
      • Version: 1.0
      • Size: 16.2 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Windows version of PPD driver for PageMaker

      • PPD
      DocuColor 2240 PPD files for PageMaker
      Note: This PPD file is designed for printing from PageMaker ONLY. Please DO NOT use other situations.

      • Date: Aug 29, 2003
      • Version: 1.2.2
      • Size: 2 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      PCL Driver

      • PCL
      Provides the ability to print to the DocuColor 2240 and DocuColor 1632 using Windows 2000,Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Vista 32bit systems.

  • Utilities & Applications

  • Firmware

      Note: It is highly recommended to consult with your Network or System Administrator before performing any software (firmware) update. Some updates may cause the machine to become non-compliant and cease to work as intended with the environment in which it is installed.
  • Color Profiles

      • Date: Mar 10, 2003
      • Version: 2.0
      • Size: 266.1 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      ICM Color Profile

        ICM Color Profile for Windows.