DocuColor 2045 with Creo CXP5000

DocuColor 2045 with Creo CXP5000 Support & Drivers

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  • Drivers

      • Date: Aug 29, 2005
      • Version: 4.1
      • Size: 10.4 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Creo CXP5000 DocuColor 2045 Print Driver

      • PPD
      Adobe Installer and PPD for use with the CXP5000 v4.1 and DocuColor 2045
      Note: Installed using the Adobe installer

  • Patches

      • Date: Sep 27, 2005
      • Version: 4.1/4.1SP1
      • Size: 100.5 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      12x18 Centering Patch

        Creo patch to correct a problem where the image is printed off center with 12 x 18 paper.