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Fiery XJ+ 525 Administrator Guide


This manual is intended for anyone who is responsible for integrating the Fiery XJ+ 525 ™ Color Server into a business environment that includes networked personal computers. After the Fiery XJ and remote workstations are set up, as described in this guide and in Getting Started , individual users can print to the Fiery XJ+ 525 as a high-performance color PostScript printer.

  • Liberado: 01/01/1997
  • Tamanho: 874.13 KB
  • Filename: Fiery_XJ_525_Administrator_Guide.pdf
  • Tags: Guias de administração do sistema
  • Digital Front End: Fiery XJ, Fiery XJ

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  • English (N. America)

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  • DocuColor 40CP
  • Fiery XJ
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  • DocuColor 30 PRO

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  • Fiery XJ
  • Fiery XJ

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