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Generic MICR Fundamentals Guide


The purpose of the Generic MICR Fundamentals Guide is to provide a reference for the various facets of the MICR environment within the context of the Xerox MICR printing products. This document does not contain specific information on individual Xerox MICR printers.

  • Liberado: 06/01/2003
  • Tamanho: 2.18 MB
  • Filename: MICRFundFinal_701P22140.pdf
  • Tags: Outra documentação

Supported languages

  • English (N. America)

Supported products

  • DocuTech 6135
  • DocuTech 6180
  • DocuTech 6100 Production Publisher
  • DocuTech 6155
  • DocuPrint 180/180MX
  • DocuTech 6115
  • DocuPrint 155/155MX
  • DocuPrint 100/100MX
  • DocuPrint 115/115MX
  • DocuPrint 135 LMX Large Format MICR Printer
  • DocuPrint 135/135MX

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