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DocuColor 2045

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Print Utility Software


When updating a PPD, ensure that the Print Center is completely shut down. Having the Print Center closed allows for old files to be overwritten by the new files for an accurate upgrade.
Custom plug-ins and PPDs that provide full feature set including Job Type, Accounting, Watermark, Covers and Booklet for Office applications.

  • Data publikacji: 05.05.2005
  • Wersja: 1.4.12
  • Rozmiar: 40.18 MB
  • Filename: OSX_Custom.sit.hqx
  • Kontroler druku (DFE): Xerox DocuSP 6000XC, Xerox DocuSP DSP6000, Xerox DocuSP 2000XC, Xerox DocuSP 2000XC

Supported platforms

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or lower

Supported languages

  • German
  • English (N. America)
  • English (Global)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Supported products

  • DocuColor 2045
  • DocuColor 2060
  • DocuColor 6060 Digital Colour Press
  • Xerox DocuSP 6000XC
  • Xerox DocuSP 2000XC
  • DocuColor 5252 Digital Colour Press
  • Xerox DocuSP DSP6000

Kontroler druku (DFE)

  • Xerox DocuSP 6000XC
  • Xerox DocuSP DSP6000
  • Xerox DocuSP 2000XC
  • Xerox DocuSP 2000XC

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