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Product support

WorkCentre 6655i

Drivers en downloads

Note, when downloading a print driver, please select your operating system from the "Platform" drop down menu


Utilities & Applications

Utilities & Applications

Xerox Extension for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

The Xerox MFP Extension file must be installed on the ePO server before Xerox Multifunction Printers can be managed by ePO. This .zip file contains two .zip files: Xerox MFP extension and the McAfee Embedded Control extension with SolidCore in the name.

An extension is a set of code and data that customizes McAfee Foundation Services (MFS) in some way. Extensions are packaged as zip archives that contain the install, uninstall, upgrade, and downgrade instructions, as well as any other files required by the extension. Extensions can be installed and removed at runtime through the extension management UI or with commands.

  • Uitgebracht: 13-01-2022
  • Versie: 3.1.0
  • Formaat: 13.75 MB
  • Bestandsnaam:
  • Tags: ConnectKey
  • Digital Front End: Built-in Controller, built-in controller, Built-in Controller, built-in controller, WorkCentre 7970i Built-in Controller

Service Packs


Firmware: For ease-of-use Xerox recommends using the Automatic Upgrade method.


ConnectKey Software Upgrade Tool

The .zip file contains the ConnectKey software upgrade too and installation instructions. Use this along with the system software you wish to install.

  • Uitgebracht: 29-07-2019
  • Versie:
  • Formaat: 2.99 MB
  • Bestandsnaam:
  • Tags: Recommended

WorkCentre 6655i & 6655 Software Version

The firmware fixes an issue that improves the hard drive lifespan.

  • Uitgebracht: 15-07-2019
  • Versie:
  • Formaat: 539.86 MB
  • Bestandsnaam:




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