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Access CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS)

Numéro d'article: x_6600_en-O1481 | Publié: 22/01/2016

Produits pris en charge
  • WorkCentre™ 6605

NOTE: To find the IP address of the printer, print a Configuration Report. See the Related Content section for additional information.

  1. Open the web browser from the computer.
  2. In the URL field, type http:// followed by the IP address of the printer.
    For example, if the IP address is, enter the following into the URL field:
  3. Press [Enter] on the keyboard to view the Home page. The CWIS options for the printer will be displayed.

If prompted to login as the Administrator:

  1. Enter the username in the field provided.
  2. Enter the password in the field provided.

CAUTION: If the CWIS login username or password is lost or forgotten, contact Support to place a Service call.

IMPORTANT: By default, the Administrator login is disabled. If required, enable the Administrator login username and password. See the Related Content section for additional information.

When login is enabled:

  • The username and password are unique, there is not a default assigned by the printer.
  • To access CWIS Properties and modify settings the Administrator user must login.

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