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Tape Formats Manual - v4


This manual describes the characteristics of various tape formats which can be processed by Xerox laser printing systems Operating System Software (OSS). Printer carriage control conventions are also included. The information is organized into chapters by vendor.

Supported languages

  • English (N. America)

Supported products

  • DocuTech 90
  • DocuTech 65 Publisher
  • DocuPrint 65
  • DocuPrint 180/180MX
  • DocuPrint 155/155MX
  • DocuPrint 180 (4180)
  • DocuPrint 180MX
  • DocuPrint 75
  • DocuTech 75
  • DocuPrint 100/100MX
  • DocuPrint 115/115MX
  • DocuPrint 135/135MX
  • DocuPrint 90
  • DocuPrint 75MX

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