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Configure the Printer to Obtain an IP Address Automatically (From a DHCP Server)

Numéro d'article: x_WC6400_en-O1218 | Publié: 21/03/2016

Produits pris en charge
  • WorkCentre™ 6400

Use the IP Address Setup Wizard to allow the DHCP server assign an IP address to the printer.

  1. Access the Quick Setup Home Utility. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Select [IP Address Settings] from the list on the Touch Screen.
  3. Depending on the requirements, select [Enable for IPv4] or [Enable for IPv6], and then select [Next].

    NOTE: IPv6 is the newest standard protocol for the Internet. If unsure which IP setting to use, enable both. If the IPv6 settings are modified, the printer will reboot when the Quick Setup Home window is closed.
  4. Select [Get IP Address from a DHCP Server], and then select [Next]. The screen will display the acquired TCP/IP settings. The DHCP network setup is complete.

    NOTE: If the DHCP server was unable to assign an IP address automatically, contact your System Administrator.

  5. Select [Done] to return to Quick Setup Home.
  6. Select [Close] to exit Quick Setup Home.
  7. Print a Configuration Report to verify settings. See the Related Content for additional information.

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