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Xerox 6279


Xerox Wide Format 6279 and 6622 Scanner Firmware

This scanner firmware file dos not support the Wide Format Scan Solution
This firmware can be installed by uploading the file to the FreeFlow Accxes controller

  • Publié: 15/07/2011
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Taille: 1.70 MB
  • Filename: 6279_6622_1.3.01_IIT.bin
  • Balises: Recommended

Xerox FreeFlow Accxes Printer Drivers v15.0.5

Running the installer will remove all previosuly installed Xerox FreeFlow Accxes Wide Format printer drivers. Unzip the files prior to installation. File contains signed HP-GL/2 and PS drivers for 6050A, 6204, 6279, 6604/05 and 6622.

  • Publié: 31/12/2010
  • Version: v15.0.5
  • Taille: 60.98 MB
  • Filename:
  • Balises: Recommended, Autres pilotes, PostScript
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