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Remote Services (Device Direct) is Not Connected or Communicating

Product support for
Xerox B410 Printer
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Note: Remote Services is enabled as default on the printer.

Confirm the Remote Service Data Upload is enabled and working. If disabled, enable Remote Services Data Upload:

To Test:

  1. From a Web browser, enter the Xerox device’s IP Address to access the device’s Embedded Web Server (EWS).

    Note: If the printer is not connected to the network or has lost network communication refer to Printer is Not Communicating on the Network.

  2. Click Settings > Device > Remote Services Data Upload which is the second from last option displayed.

    Note: If this menu is not visible, select the Login button and login as Administrator. The Admin account is case sensitive. Type in Admin with a capital A followed by the password.

  3. Make sure the Allow Data Upload checkbox is checked.

    Note: To disable the Remote Services Data Upload deselect the Allow Data Upload checkbox (Not Recommended).

  4. Click on the Test Now button.

  5. Click Upload Now to send billing and supplies information from the printer.

  6. Click Download Data to allow the printer to request data from Xerox. This will result in a .csv file downloaded to your PC with the information that was sent to Xerox.

  7. If problems persist, contact Support for additional assistance.