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Print a Configuration Report for the Printer or EFI Fiery Server

Artículo #: x_wc7245_en-O4642 | Publicado: 13/12/2016

Productos compatibles
  • WorkCentre™ 7328/7335/7345/7346

To print a Configuration Report for the printer:

NOTE: This solution may require you to log in as an administrator to view the Print Reports option (depending on software levels). See the Related Content for additional information on how to log in as an administrator.

  1. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel. This is the button to the right of the Touch Screen and is labeled with a machine icon. The Machine Status screen will be displayed.
  2. Select the [Print Reports] button.
  3. Select the [Copy Reports] button.
  4. Select the [Configuration Report] button.
  5. Press the [Start] button on the Control Panel. The Configuration Report will print.

    NOTE: The Configuration Report is a multi-page report with the printer's configuration details. The report is formatted into two columns with four distinct data areas:
    • System Settings.
    • Copy Service Settings.
    • Print Service Settings.
    • Communication Settings.

To print a Configuration Report for the EFI Fiery Server:

NOTE: The following steps assume the Custom Services have been set up and enabled on the Fiery Server. See the Related Content for additional information.

The EFI Fiery Server is an optional, external Network Controller for the printer, in addition to the standard internal Network Controller. The Fiery Server is usually attached to the back of the printer. Locations can vary depending on your printer setup.

  1. Press the [All Services] button on the Control Panel.

    NOTE: Select the [Services] button to the right of the touch screen if not in a Service already.

  2. Select the [Printer Setup] button on the Touch Screen. A Login screen will be displayed.

    NOTE: The Printer Setup button will not display if Custom Services has not been set up and enabled. It also will not display if there is a communication issue between the Printer and Fiery.

  3. Select the [Password] field, and then use the keyboard on the Touch Screen to enter the Administrator password for the Fiery.

    NOTE: The default password is "Fiery.1". If the password has changed, contact your System Administrator.

  4. Select the [Save] button.
  5. Select the [Setup Summary] button.
  6. Select the [Yes] button. The Configuration pages will print.

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