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Configure the WorkCentre for TCP/IP With DHCP

Artículo #: x_4150_en-O4948 | Publicado: 28/11/2016

Productos compatibles
  • WorkCentre™ 4250
  • WorkCentre™ 4260

DHCP is enabled on the machine by default. If the machine is connected to the network, the TCP/IP information will be configured when the machine is powered on and no further configuration is required.

Print a Configuration Report to verify the information was assigned correctly. See the Related Content for additional information. If the Confirmation Report indicates DHCP must be configured, continue with the process below.

Installation via BOOTP or DHCP:

Make sure the printer is connected to the network with Ethernet cabling.

  1. Press the [Log In / Out] button on the Control Panel.
  2. Enter the password using the numeric keypad, and then select [Enter] on the Touch Screen.

    NOTE: The default password is "1111". It is recommended that the System Administrator change this password. For additional information, press the [Help] button on the Control Panel.

  3. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel.
  4. Select the [Tools] tab on the Touch Screen.
  5. Select [Connectivity and Network Setup].
  6. Select [Advanced].
  7. Select [Network Setting].
  8. Select [Network Setup].
  9. Select [TCP/IP Options].
  10. Select [TCP/IP Settings].
  11. Select the [Dynamic Addressing] button. By default, DHCP will be selected.
  12. Select the required Dynamic Addressing method:
    • [BOOTP]
    • [DHCP]
  13. Select [Save].
  14. Select [Close].
  15. Select [TCP/IP - Line Printer].
  16. Select [Enable].

    CAUTION:Modification of the port number at which the printer will accept LPR print jobs is allowed, however it is recommended that this be done using extreme caution. Most LPR spoolers are set to send print jobs to the default port of 515.

  17. If required for a specific reason, the LPR port for the printer can be modified. Select [Port Number] and enter an alternate port number at the keypad.
  18. Select [Save].
  19. Select [HTTP].
  20. Select [Enable].
  21. Select [Save].
  22. Select [Close] three times.

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