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Log in to the Embedded Web Server as a System Administrator

Productos compatibles: Phaser 6510

Artículo #: x_6510_en-O1418 | Publicado: 09/10/2019

The Embedded Web Server is the administration and configuration software installed in the printer. It allows you to configure and administer the printer from a Web browser.

NOTE: When using the printer as a local printer via USB, the printer's web interface can not be used.

The Embedded Web Server requires:

  • A TCP/IP connection between the printer and the network in Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, or Linux environments.
  • TCP/IP and HTTP enabled in the printer.
  • A network-connected computer with a Web browser that supports JavaScript.

Access the Embedded Web Server and log in as an administrator:

  1. From a computer on the same network as the printer, open a Web browser window.
  2. Enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field, and then press Enter or Return.

    IMPORTANT: Some features or settings are only visible or adjustable when logged in as a System Administrator.

  3. In the top right area of the page, click Log In.
  4. For User Accounts, click or type admin.
  5. For Password, type the administrator password. For software versions earlier than PL6 (XX.5X.XX), the default administrator password is 1111. For software versions PL6 (XX.5X.XX) or later, the default administrator password is the device serial number. You can obtain the serial number from the back of the printer, from the configuration report, or from the home page of the Embedded Web Server. The password is case-sensitive.

    Note: Upgrading to PL6 (XX.5X.XX) does not change the administrator password. If you reset to the device to factory defaults, the administrator password changes to the device serial number for versions PL6 (XX.5X.XX) or later of the software.

  6. Click Log In.

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