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Scan a Document to a Computer Using the FTP / SMB Option

Article Id: x_xc560_en-O19830 | Published: 01/19/2021

Product support for
  • Xerox® Color C60/C70
  • Xerox Color EC70 Printer

IMPORTANT: A shared folder needs to be setup to save scanned documents on the computer or server before attempting to scan in the document. The FTP service, such as Internet Information Server (IIS), needs to be configured when using FTP protocol transmission. Other configurations may apply depending on the network environment. Contact your System Administrator if these configurations have not been completed.

Scan to FTP / SMB:

    1. Press the [Services Home] button on the Control Panel. The Home Screen will be displayed on the Touch Screen.
    2. Select [Scan to PC].
    3. Select either [Transfer Protocol] or [Address Book].
    4. If you selected Address Book, skip to step 5.
      If you selected Transfer Protocol, select either [FTP] or [SMB].

      NOTE: You must have specific information about the computer where you intend to forward the scan job.

      Enter the following information-- then Skip to step 6:
        • Server: Displayed when either FTP or SMB is selected. Enter either the server name of the computer that will receive the scans; up to 64 characters are allowed. Example of a Server Name: (myhost: the Host Name, the Domain Name), or enter the TCP / IP Address of the computer that will receive the scans.
        • Shared Name: Displayed when SMB is selected. This is the name of the folder on the computer or server that has been shared out to the network. Enter the Shared Name (up to 64 characters). A slash at the beginning of the name is not required.
        • Save in: Displayed when either FTP or SMB is selected. Enter a directory name (up to 128 characters). A slash at the beginning of the name is not required.

          NOTE: If SMB had been selected as the protocol and you have a sub-directory from the shared folder where you want to direct the scan jobs, enter that directory name here.  

        • User Name: Enter the login name for the computer where scan jobs are being forwarded (up to 32 characters). When forwarding using SMB, this field can be omitted if the recipient does not require it. 

          NOTE: If the computer is part of a domain, enter your domain user login name.  

        • Password: Enter the password for the login name (up to 32 characters). 

          NOTE: When using with SMB transmission, a maximum of 14 characters can be entered.

    5. For the Address Book, select the required scan location from the mailbox listing. All required fields will automatically be prefilled.
    6. If necessary, select any user configurable options on the Touch Screen, such as lighter or darker, single or two-sided.
    7. Load the original in the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF) or on the Document Glass, then press the [Start] button to begin the scan job. 

      NOTE: The Touch Screen will indicate that it is scanning a job and then transferring the job. If scanning was successful, a 'Scan transferred' message will be displayed. If an error occurs, contact your System Administrator for additional assistance.

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