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Power the Printer Off and Then On

Article Id: x_wc7245_en-O12513 | Published: 11/22/2019

Product support for
  • WC7425_WC7428_WC7435 Family
  • WorkCentre™ 7425/7428/7435
  1. Power off the printer using the power switch located on the right front side of the machine under the Control Panel.

    Power off the printer using the switch

  2. Wait until the Touch Screen is blank.
  3. Press the power switch again to power on the printer. Wait for the printer to reach the “Ready” state.

    NOTE: The entire power on process (to power on and complete a self test) takes approximately 45 - 50 seconds. Certain functions of the printer, such as copying, will be available before other functions.

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