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Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials if Scanning to a Windows 7 Computer

Article Id: x_wc7120_en-O16759 | Published: 01/21/2019

Product support for
  • WC7120_WC53XX Family
  • WorkCentre® 5300 Series
  • WorkCentre™ 7120/7125

NOTE: Contact your Network Administrator or Internal Help Desk before removing Microsoft Windows Security Essentials from the target computer.

The Instuctions for the Removal of Windows Security Essentials can be found on Microsoft's Support Website by searching for "How to Manually Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials".

NOTE: Removal of Microsoft Windows Security Essentials will require Administrator access to the Computer to complete. Contact a Network Administrator or Internal Help Desk if Administrative access is required. Also, the Removal of Microsoft Security Essentials is performed at your own risk as removal may affect other applications or functions, as well as comprimise the security of the computer.

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