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Perform a Software Reset on the Printer

Article Id: x_wc5955_en-O5072 | Published: 07/16/2018

Product support for
  • WC5945_WC5955 Family
  • WorkCentre® 5945/5955

NOTE: There is a Video available at the end of this solution.

CAUTION: Depending on the state of the printer, a software reset may delete all pending jobs from the print queue.

IMPORTANT: Using Software Resets to restart the printer is faster and wastes fewer consumables than powering the printer off and on.

NOTE: This procedure restarts the printer. The printer will not be available over the network for several minutes. Restarting the printer can take up to 5 minutes during which time CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) is not available.

The printer may be restarted from the Control Panel or CWIS. Select your preferred method.

Perform a Software Reset From the Control Panel:

  1. Login to the Administrator mode from the Control Panel. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Select Troubleshooting on the Touch Screen.
  3. Select Resets.

    Troubleshooting Options

  4. Select Software Reset.

    Troubleshooting Resets Screen

  5. Under Reset Options, select a type of reset:

    NOTE: The All Software selection is typically used instead of power off/on of the printer.

    • All Software: Resets the network and copy system software.
    • Network Software: Resets the network controller software.
    • Copy Software: Resets the copy system software.
  6. Select Reset.

    Troubleshooting Software Resets Screen

  7. A Software Reset Confirmation warning screen with the message "A Software reset can result in the loss of all queued jobs, including the current marking job. Are you sure you want to reset the System Software?" will be displayed. Select Reset to confirm. The machine will now restart.


Perform a Software Reset Using the Remote Control Panel in CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS):

Internet Services uses the embedded web server on the device. This allows you to communicate with the device over the Internet or  intranet through your web browser.

NOTE: If Authentication or Accounting has been enabled on your device you may have to enter login details to access this feature.

Use the Remote Control Panel to open and view the device Touch Screen from your computer. You can use the Remote Control Panel to see the status of jobs in the queue, services available on your device or to change settings in the Tools area. If you make changes to any settings in the Tools area, they are saved in the same way as if you changed them at the device. The Remote Control Panel is useful for troubleshooting and may be used by your System Administrator or support team if you report a fault.

When you open the Remote Control Panel, anyone standing at the device will see the actions you perform on the Touch Screen. They can also use the Touch Screen to override your selections. You can configure the Remote Control Panel for the Touch Screen at the device to be blocked while you are using it. When the Touch Screen is blocked the user at the device will see a message on the Touch Screen: Remote Session is active. Local Control Panel is not available. When you close the remote session, the Touch Screen will be available to use again. Only one person can open the Remote Control Panel at a time.

This feature must be enabled by your System Administrator.

  1. Access CentreWare Internet Services  (CWIS). See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Click on the Support tab.
  3. Click on the Remote Control Panel tab.
  4. If required, check the Block Local Control Panel check box.
  5. Click on the Open Remote Control Panel button.
  6. Select the option(s) required.
  7. Press the Log In/Out button on the Control Panel.
  8. Use the keyboard to enter the User Name of the Administrator account.
  9. Select the Next button.
  10. Use the keyboard to enter the Password of the Administrator account.
  11. Select the Done button. 

    NOTE: The Default Administrative Log-In:
    User Name: admin
    Password: 1111

  12. Press the Machine Status button.
  13. Select the Tools tab.
  14. Select the Troubleshooting button.
  15. Select the Resets button.
  16. Select the Software Reset button.
  17. Select the required option:

    IMPORTANT: The All Software selection should be used to solve the majority of system problems, unless otherwise noted.

    • All Software: Resets the network and copy system software.
    • Network Software: Resets the network controller software.
    • Copy Software: Resets the copy system software.

  18. Select the Reset button.
  19. Select the Reset button.
  20. Select the Close button.
  21. Logout of Tools. See the Related Content for additional information.
  22. When you have finished, click the Close button to close the Remote Control Panel window.



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