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Install a Print Driver (Add the Printer) on a Computer With Microsoft Windows 8 OS to Print Using a Standard TCP/IP Port

Article Id: x_wc58xx_en-O27254 | Published: 12/11/2019

Product support for
  • WC58XA Family
  • WorkCentre® 5845/5855
  • WorkCentre® 5800 Series

 NOTE: This solution assumes that the correct print driver for this product and the OS being used has been downloaded and extracted to a known location on the hard drive. If necessary, click on the [Driver & Downloads] link under the Product Resources section on this window to download the correct print driver or the Global Print Driver.

  1. Move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen. A menu will display on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click on [Settings] and then click on [Control Panel].
  3. Click on [Hardware and Sound].
  4. Click on [View Devices and Printers].
  5. Click on [Add Printer].
  6. Select the [The Printer that I want isn't listed] option.
  7. Click on [Add a Printer using a TCP/IP Address or hostname].
  8. On the Type a printer hostname or IP Address window, enter the IP Address (or hostname) of the printer.
  9. Make sure that the [Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use] option is not selected.
  10. Click on the [Have Disk] option.
  11. Browse to the folder where the printer files have been extracted to.

    NOTE: The downloaded driver is either a self-extracting executable which needs to be run, or a zip file which needs to be extracted.

  12. Click on the .inf file (the name varies from driver to driver) and click [Open].
  13. Click [Next] to continue.
  14. Select the appropriate driver. For the machine specific driver, it will ask whether you want the WC7755, 7765, or 7775. For the Global Print Driver, it will ask if you want the Global Print Dirver (which should always be chosen of these two) or the GPD.
  15. Enter a printer name. The default will be a combination of the driver name and PS/PCL6.
  16. Click [Next] once you have an appropriate name.
  17. The next window will allow sharing. It is recommended not to share the printer until it is fully configured (after it is fully installed). After a selection has been made, select [Next] again.
  18. Select whether or not the printer will be the default printer and if you want to print a test page.
  19. Click on [Finish].

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