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Load Envelopes in the Bypass Tray (Paper Tray 5)

Article Id: x_wc58xx_en-O27145 | Published: 10/12/2016

Product support for
  • WorkCentre® 5845/5855
  • WorkCentre® 5800 Series

Paper Tray 5 (Bypass Tray):

The Bypass Tray is a paper tray on the left side of the printer and can be folded away when not in use. It is primarily intended for use as a small quantity, special materials feeder and accommodates media of all types including transparencies (non-paper backed), envelopes and tabs.

NOTE: Envelopes can be printed only from Tray 5 (Bypass Tray), or Tray 2 (optional Envelope Tray) when this option is installed.

Envelope sizes that are supported:

  • ​DL (Wallet) and C5 (Wallet and Pocket)
  • ​Monarch and #10 (Wallet)
  • ​Custom Sizes (less reliable feed and image quality)

NOTE: Do not feed window, board backed, gusset type, padded or peal and seal envelopes, or envelopes with triangular flaps.

Successful envelope printing is highly dependent on the quality and construction of the envelopes. Some wrinkling or embossing may occur when printing on envelopes. Only use paper envelopes specified in the machine.

  • Print quality depends on the quality and construction of the envelopes. Try another envelope brand if you do not achieve the required results.
  • Maintain constant temperatures and relative humidity.
  • Store unused envelopes in their packaging to avoid the effects of moisture and dryness which can affect print quality and cause wrinkling. Excessive moisture can cause the envelopes to seal before or during printing.
  • Avoid padded envelopes; purchase envelopes that lie flat on a surface.
  • Avoid envelopes with heat activated glue.
  • Remove air bubbles from the envelopes before loading them into the tray by setting a heavy book on top of them.
  • In the print driver, select [Envelope] as the paper type.

CAUTION: Never use envelopes with windows or metal clasps; they can damage the printer. Damage caused by using unsupported envelopes is not covered under the Xerox warranty, service agreement, or Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

  1. Open the Bypass Tray, located on the left side of the printer, by folding it outward.
  2. Insert the envelopes face-up with the flap open and the bottom edge of the envelope facing toward the printer, long edge feed (LEF).
  3. Make sure the end, short edge feed (SEF) of the envelopes are loaded on the left side of the tray, then slide the paper edge guide on the right until it is just touching the edge of the stack.

    NOTE: The paper edge guides automatically detect the size of media loaded and the printer gives a warning if the guides are not set correctly or a non-standard media size is used.

  4. When media is detected in the Bypass Tray, a Paper Settings screen is displayed on the Control Panel. The drop-down menus are used to change the size, type and color of the media loaded.
  5. Select the Confirm button on the Touch Screen to exit.
  6. Select the [Start] button.



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