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Upgrade or Reload System Software Using the Manual Upgrade Method

Article Id: x_wc5790_en-O14263 | Published: 09/11/2018

Product support for
  • WorkCentre® 5700 Series
  • WorkCentre™ 5765/5775/5790

There are two methods to upgrade the system software on the printer: Auto Upgrade and Manual Upgrade. This solution will explain the necessary steps to upgrade using the Manual Upgrade method.

  • Auto Upgrade allows a System Administrator to schedule a time to upgrade the Workcentre.  It is useful if many machines need to be upgraded.  The upgrade may be controlled to make it more manageable.
  • Manual Upgrade allows a System Administrator to immediately upgrade the system software.   It is useful if there is a limited number of machines to upgrade or if an upgrade is necessary during the course of troubleshooting an issue.

The upgrade or reload will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. The printer cannot be used during this time.

If the LDAP feature for Scan to E-mail or Network Authentication is being used, you may experience issues using these features following the software upgrade or reload. If issues occur, contact Support for additional assistance.

NOTE: This solution assumes Microsoft Internet Explorer is being used as the web browser. If other browsers are used, the steps may vary.

To upgrade or reload the system software:

  1. Print the Configuration Report to obtain the printer's IP address. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Locate the System Software version on the report.
  3. Download the system software version and system software install files from and save the files to a location on your computer.
  4. Read the Read Me file that contains important information.
  5. Unzip the system software file. Make sure to take note of the location where the system software file is saved. The file extension is .DLM when the file is unzipped.
  6. From the computer, open an Internet browser window.
  7. Enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field, and then press [Enter] on the keyboard. The CentreWare Internet Services window will be displayed.
  8. Click on the [Properties] tab.
  9. Enter the user name and password in the fields provided, and then click on the [Login] button.

    NOTE: The default username is "admin" (case sensitive) and the default password is "1111".

  10. Click on [General Setup] to expand the options.
  11. Click on the [Machine Software] link.
  12. Click on [Manual Upgrade]. The Machine Software options will be displayed.
  13. Click on the [Browse] button in the Manual Upgrade section and browse to the location of the system software file.
  14. Select the file and then click on [Open]. The path to the file will be displayed in the Browse field.
  15. Click on the [Install Software] button.

    NOTE: If a message is displayed stating "File has not been submitted", repeat steps 16 - 18 and make sure the correct filename has been used.

  16. Within two minutes, the machine will go into upgrade mode. A message will be displayed on the printer's Touch Screen indicating that the software upgrade is about to start. During the actual upgrade, the WorkCentre will not be available, including via the network.

    A window will be displayed and will show the upgrade progress of all relevant modules.

    The system will automatically reboot after the upgrade. After the reboot has completed, the Network Controller will initialize. After a brief period of time the WorkCentre will automatically print a Software Upgrade Report, followed by a Configuration Report. There may be several minutes between these pages.

    All the settings will then have been restored, and the WorkCentre will automatically re-connect to the network. A "Select Services to scan your job" message will be displayed.

    Refer to the Software Upgrade Report and confirm that the software upgrade result is shown as "Success."

  17. If the system software did not upgrade, repeat steps 6 - 16. If the problem persists, contact Support.

    Make sure that all features are available. If not, power the printer off and on. See the Related Content for additional information.


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