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Replace the Required Drum Cartridge

Product support for: VersaLink C400 / C405 Family, VersaLink C400, VersaLink C405

Article Id: x_vlc400_en-O493 | Published: 09/26/2022

The Drum includes a single Drum Cartridge. Only replace the Drum Cartridge when told to replace the cartridge for a specific reason.

NOTE: The Drum Cartridge has a yield of approximately 60,000 pages; this can vary depending on type of use / coverage.

CAUTION: Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. If any Toner gets on your skin or clothing, use a brush to remove the Toner, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap.

NOTE: The images provided are for demonstration purposes only. Your printer may vary slightly from the images provided.

  1. Power off the printer. For more information, refer to Power the Printer On or Off. 

    power OFF printer at Control Panel

  2. Open the Right Side Door.

    open Right, side door

  3. On the right side of the printer, unlock the Waste Cartridge, rotate the lever 90-degrees to the left.

    unlock Waste Cartridge

  4. Grasp the handle of the Waste Cartridge, then pull the cartridge out of the printer. To prevent Toner spills, keep the openings in the cartridge, face-up. Place the Waste Cartridge on a level surface.

    remove Waste Cartridge

    NOTE: Be careful not to spill Toner when handling the Waste Cartridge. After removing the cartridge, do not touch the Toner port.

    Waste cartridge

    CAUTION: To avoid Toner spills or malfunction, do not place the Waste Cartridge on the side.

  5. Locate the required Drum Cartridge. From top to bottom, the cartridges are Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), C (Cyan), and K (Black).

    locations of Imaging units CMYK

  6. For the required Drum Cartridge:
    1. Grasp the tab, push down, and pull the cartridge straight out of the printer.

      NOTE: It is important to place any suspected defective cartridge that has been removed from the machine in the original protective wrapping/packaging material for situations where it may still be a functioning cartridge.

      unlock  Imaging Unit

      Remove Imaging Unit

    2. Place the cartridge aside for recycling.
    3. Remove the new Drum Cartridge from the packaging.
    4. Remove the film from the Drum Cartridge.

      unpack imaging unit

    5. Push the new Drum Cartridge into the printer until the cartridge clicks into place.

      CAUTION: Do not touch the top of the Drum Cartridge. Do not expose the cartridge to light for more than 5 minutes.

      Install Imaging Unit

  7. Remove the cleaning rod located below the black Drum Cartridge inside the printer. This cleaning rod is used to clean each of the four laser lenses, one for each color.

    cleaning rod remove

    NOTE: There are four holes, one for each laser lense. There are four cleaning holes; one hole for each Toner (Dry Ink) color. From top to bottom, the corresponding colors are Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), C (Cyan), and K (Black).

  8. Insert the cleaning rod into one of the four cleaning holes until the rod clicks into position, then pull the rod out. Repeat this two more times.

    use cleaning rod

  9. Repeat the cleaning process for the other three holes.
  10. Return the cleaning rod to the original location.

    install cleaning rod back into storage location

  11. Reinsert the Waste Cartridge.

    install waste cartridge

  12. To lock the Waste Cartridge, rotate the lever 90-degrees to the right. When the lever is vertical, the cartridge is locked in position.

    lock waste cartridge

  13. Close the Right Side Door.

    close right side door

  14. Power on the printer. For more information, refer to Power the Printer On or Off.

    Power On printer

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