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Configure Google Cloud Print

Product support for: VersaLink C400, VersaLink C405

Article Id: x_vlc400_en-O4014 | Published: 03/16/2018

Google Cloud Print allows you to print documents that are stored in the cloud without using a print driver.

Before you begin:

  • Set up a Google email account.
  • Configure the printer to use IPv4.
  • Configure Proxy Server settings as needed.

To configure Google Cloud Print:

  1. At your computer, open a Web browser.
  2. In the Address field, type the IP address of the printer, then press Enter or Return.

    NOTE: If necessary, locate your printer IP address using the Configuration Report. See the Related Content for additional information.

  3. In the Embedded Web Server, click Home > Connectivity.
  4. For Mobile Printing, click Google Cloud Print.
  5. To enable Google Cloud Print, click the Enable toggle button.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart the printer, then wait two minutes for the printer to connect.
  8. Refresh your Web browser, then for Mobile Printing, click Google Cloud Print .
  9. Click Printer Registration.
  10. Click Register. A printer registration page prints.

    NOTE: If the page does not print, check the front panel to see if it is giving a mismatched media error. If the printer indicates it is trying to print on A4, follow these steps:

    1. In the printer’s embedded web server interface, login as admin and click System.
    2. Select Defaults and Policies.
    3. Select Specified Paper Is Unavailable, and choose Letter/A4 Substitution.
    4. Click OK, and then the page should print. If it does not print, repeat steps 8-10.
  11. To register the printer, in your Web browser, type the URL provided, or use your mobile phone to scan the barcode. After the printer is registered, a confirmation status window appears.
  12. To access the Google Cloud Print feature, in your Google account, click Manage Your Printer.

    NOTE: The default printer name appears in this format: Model name (MAC address).

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