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Enable Xerox Standard Accounting (XSA) Using the Embedded Web Server

Article Id: x_vlb70xx_en-O2688 | Published: 06/14/2018

Product support for
  • VersaLink C7000
  • VersaLink C7020_C7025_C7030
  • VersaLink® B7000 Series

Xerox Standard Accounting tracks the numbers of copy, print, scan, and fax jobs for each user. You can set limits to restrict the total number of jobs by type that a user can produce. You can generate reports listing usage data for individual users and groups.

When Xerox Standard Accounting is enabled, users must log in to the printer before they can access services. Before they can print documents from their computer to the printer, they must provide their account details in the print driver.


  • If the login method is set to Smart Card, you cannot enable Xerox Standard Accounting.
  • If Xerox Standard Accounting is enabled, you cannot enable other accounting modes.
  • Install device drivers and enable accounting in those drivers for all user computers.

You can create a maximum of:

  • 9,999 unique Xerox Standard Accounting user IDs with HDD installed, or 1000 user IDs with SDCard/eMMC installed
  • 500 General Accounts

All user IDs must be assigned to one or more group accounts. Xerox Standard Accounting settings and account data are stored in the printer. Xerox recommends that you use the Cloning feature to back up settings. If Xerox Standard Accounting settings are lost or deleted, you can restore them using the cloning backup file. For additional information on Cloning, see the Related Content.

Enabling Xerox Standard Accounting

  1. In the Embedded Web Server, log in as administrator, then click Permissions > Accounting Method. See the Related Content for additional information.

    Note: If you previously set up an accounting method, then click Permissions > Accounting > Accounting Method.

  2. In the Accounting Method area, for Xerox Standard Accounting, click Select.
  3. In the What to Track window, select a tracking option.
    • Track All: This option records all scan, copy, and print activity.
    • Only Track Color Copies and Prints: This option records the number of color copies or prints only.
    • Custom Tracking: This option allows you to customize the functions to record. Select Setup and choose the functions to track, then click OK.
  4. To block login information from displaying on the screen, for Mask Input, click Enable. Click OK.
  5. When prompted to restart the printer, click Change.
  6. After the printer restarts, log in as administrator.

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