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Print From a Linux Workstation

Product support for: VersaLink B7025 / B7030 / B7035, VersaLink C7000, VersaLink C7020 / C7025 / C7030

Article Id: x_vlb70xx_en-O2125 | Published: 02/28/2018

To print from a Linux workstation, install either a Xerox print driver for Linux or a CUPS print driver. You do not need both drivers.

Xerox recommends that you install one of the full-featured custom print drivers for Linux. To locate drivers for your printer, see the Related Content section for a link to our [Drivers and Downloads] page.

If you use CUPS, ensure that CUPS is installed and running on your workstation. The instructions for installing and building CUPS are contained in the CUPS Software Administrators Manual, written and copyrighted by Easy Software Products. For complete information on CUPS printing capabilities, refer to the CUPS Software Users Manual available from

Install the PPD on the Workstation

  1. If available, download the Xerox PPD for CUPS from the [Drivers and Downloads] page. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Copy the PPD into the CUPS ppd/Xerox folder on your workstation. If you are unsure of the location of the folder, use the Find command to locate the PPD files.
  3. Follow the instructions that are included with the PPD.

Add the Printer

  1. Verify that the CUPS daemon is running.
  2. Open a Web browser and type http://localhost:631/admin, then click Enter or Return.
  3. For User ID, type root. For password, type the root password.
  4. Click Add Printer and follow the onscreen prompts to add the printer to the CUPS printer list.

Print with CUPS

CUPS supports the use of both the System V (lp) and Berkeley (lpr) printing commands.

  1. To print to a specific printer in System V, type:
    lp -dprinter filename, then click Enter.
  2. To print to a specific printer in Berkeley, type:
    lpr -Pprinter filename, then click Enter.

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